Virginia Products at Gourmet Pantry

Virginia Products

Virginia Products make great gifts! Below is a list of Virginia Products currently available at the Gourmet Pantry:

Gunther’s Gourmet

“Based in Richmond, Virginia, Gunther’s Gourmet Groceries, LLC, is the creation of the Lampros brothers: older brother Nick, a lawyer; and younger brother Mike, a Certified Executive Chef.

The brothers’ love of good food, combined with Chef Mike’s culinary skills, inspired and allowed them to create a uniquely flavored line of marinades, vinaigrettes, and salsas that rises above what is commonly available. Each product is produced using only the finest all natural ingredients, is individually crafted in small batches with an eye towards quality and consistency, and is designed to be original, full flavored, palette pleasing, and versatile. Additionally, the products are preservative and chemical free and very low in sodium, with the marinades and vinaigrettes being cholesterol free and the salsas fat free.” Gourmet Pantry is proud to offer the Chesapeake Bay Salsa, Peach Salsa, Spicy Ginger Pineapple Salsa, Tomatillo Verde, Lime Mango Salsa, and Spicy Chipotle Pepper & Smoked Corn Salsa.

Hubs Virginia Nuts

“When you receive a tin of Hubs home cooked Virginia peanuts, whether as a gift or as a treat for yourself, you open the door to our home. Many years ago, in the small Virginia crossroads village of Sedley, Dot Hubbard developed a unique way to cook the Virginia peanuts grown on her father’s farm. She diligently used only the finest peanuts from the local harvest. Today, Dot’s recipe for using only the best remains unchanged. Still cooked in Sedley, our family continues the tradition of using all natural ingredients and peanuts from the top one percent of the crop. The result is a wholesome, healthful product with superior taste and crunch. Our family is committed to providing you with quality which can only be achieved through time honored methods.”

Virginia Wines and Cider

You don’t have to travel far to find some of the finest wines in the world! Our home state of Virginia is well-known for it’s rich soils and fine wines! At the Gourmet Pantry, you’ll find wines from Horton Vineyards, Chateau Morrisette, Foggy Ridge Cider and many other regional and international wineries.

Check our Event Calendar for upcoming wine and cheese tasting dates and times, often with a professional wine rep. The tastings are always complimentary! These tastings are the perfect forum to add to your knowledge of the vast world of wine.

Virginia Honey

Gourmet Pantry offers a variety of locally-sourced honey to tempt your taste buds and sweeten any dish with one of nature’s most delicious and nutritious natural products.

Route 11 Potato Chips

“Here at Route 11, we consider ourselves traditionalists when it comes to cooking potato chips. We cook in small batches. This cooking style takes more time, but give us the opportunity to create a chip that is undoable on a larger scale. Our methods and high quality ingredients make an exceptional chip with uncommon character. In our opinion, a great chip has a good crunch, without being too hard. A nice golden color and a body with plenty of curl are a must. With every crunch, potato flavor bursts forth.”

Blue Crab Bay Co.

“In 1984, a young woman named Pamela Barefoot had a dream — to move to Virginia’s isolated Eastern Shore and survive with her creativity. The rural coastal peninsula, bounded by the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, offered a blank canvas for entrepreneurial opportunity, inspiring Pam to start her own business now known as Blue Crab Bay Co.”

Today, Blue Crab Bay offers an assortment of edibles including nuts, seasonings, beverages, and more. One of our personal favorites… the Sting Ray Bloody Mary Mixer!